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Adaptivity empowers you to craft personalized learning experiences that cater to individual student needs and improve student engagement in online learning.

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How adaptivity works

We believe adaptive courseware shouldn't be some sort of magic, super complex, black box algorithm. Instead you have complete control over how your teaching adapts to individual students. You can target what your students are doing at any given point in your lesson and decide on what action to take – either provide feedback or direct them down an adaptive pathway.


Student chooses option 2

On a multiple choice question

Student selects 7

Using a slider input

Student grasps a concept

In this adaptive sequence

Show Feedback

To address their misconception

Change Pathway

To show additional resources

Show Feedback

To motivate the learner
Adaptive Pathways

Personalize their learning journeys

Each student is unique. They learn at varying rates and have different levels of knowledge. With Adaptive Pathways, when students hit a roadblock, you can direct them to resources that help remediate their misconception. Or when students successfully grasp a concept, you can ‘fast-track’ those students and offer more content to stretch their knowledge. Adding Adaptive Pathways to your courseware enables you to better support at-risk students, motivate high achievers and get the best out of every student.

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Adaptive pathways between screens
Adaptive Feedback

Customize student instruction at scale

The key to great online learning experiences is to emulate the talents of great educators by giving students feedback that addresses misconceptions and steers towards deeper understanding. Smart Sparrow enables educators to do this with Adaptive Feedback that provides the right information exactly when the student needs it. Feedback – which can take the form of a hint, a video, a graph or additional material – can be triggered by a question response, the time spent on a screen or the number of question attempts.

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Adaptive feedback on a lesson
Learner Analytics

Insights into how they learn

Online learning is often a black box that doesn’t provide an understanding of how students navigate and interact with your content. Our Knowledge Analytics provide educators with powerful insight into what students are learning and how. Key data populates the dashboard, so you can analyze an entire class’s performance as well as pinpoint problem areas for each student. Data also empowers you with insights on how you can continuously refine your adaptive courseware and improve student outcomes.

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Analytics for student progress

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