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ASU Professor Uses Adaptive Technology to Engage Non-Science Majors in Science with Immersive and Interactive Activities

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Picture of Adaptive Pathology
Dr Shashidhar Venkatesh Murthy

Adaptive Pathology

Rethinking blended learning to engage students beyond the classroom and provi...

Picture of Adaptive Mechanics
A/Prof. Gangadhara Prusty

Adaptive Mechanics

Adaptive Tutorials have been shown to significantly improve student learning ...

Picture of Aerospace Structures
Dr. Garth Pearce

Aerospace Structures

Adaptive Tutorials enable students to better grasp the fundamentals of aerosp...

Picture of Infection Control
Kimberley Parsons

Infection Control

Enhancing student engagement through the delivery of interactive patient case...

Picture of Cellular Transport
Rebecca Vella

Cellular Transport

A new way of delivering practical classes online, enabling students to active...

Picture of Western Blotting
A/Prof. Patsie Polly

Western Blotting

Blended learning virtual laboratories allow students to practice their diagno...

Picture of Virtual Microscopy
A/Prof. Gary Velan

Virtual Microscopy

Pathology Professor Uses Virtual Microscopy Adaptive Tutorials to remediate s...

Picture of Virtual Patients
Dr. Benjamin Barry

Virtual Patients

Simulated real-life environment engages students in interactive activities en...

Picture of Computer Sciences
computer sciences
A/Prof. Richard Simpson

Computer Sciences

Computer Sciences Professor Uses Learning Design Platform to Increase Student...

Picture of Oxygen Electrode
A/Prof. Louise Lutze-Mann

Oxygen Electrode

Virtual Laboratories allow students to master practical laboratory skills thr...

Picture of Teaching Statistics
Judith Watson

Teaching Statistics

Adaptive Lessons provide students with the opportunity to practice and deepen...

Picture of Dementia & Banking
Carmelle Peisah

Dementia & Banking

Capacity Australia develops online education tool to help bank staff combat r...

Picture of Early Childcare
Tania Gomez

Early Childcare

Leading registered training organisation is helping trainers reach their full...

Picture of Educational Publishing
Margo Griffith

Educational Publishing

Cengage Learning transformed a one-size-fits-all textbook into a personalized...

Picture of Introductory Chemistry
Dr. Luke Hunter

Introductory Chemistry

Chemistry Faculty Designs Adaptive Lessons, “Lecture Prep” activities, to bri...

Picture of Marketing 101
Saint Leo University

Marketing 101

Simulated Real World Scenarios Increase Coursework Understanding and Student ...

Picture of Professional Accounting
Samantha Wilson

Professional Accounting

Professional accounting network leverages Adaptive technology to promote life...

Picture of Financial Services
Siva Navaratnam

Financial Services

One of Australia’s major banks leveraged adaptive learning technology to deli...

Picture of Digital Identity
Digital Literacy
Dr Reem Al-Mahmood

Digital Identity

Teaching students how their Social Media presence can affect their profession...

Picture of Student Orientation
Roger Wen

Student Orientation

How CSUEB's award-winning course is giving new students everything they need ...

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