In August, we announced the launch of Smart Sparrow 2.0 – an improved and updated version of our Adaptive eLearning Platform. Our designers and engineers gathered input from our user community and the message was loud and clear – you wanted an easier to use authoring tool that was faster and more intuitive. We redesigned Smart Sparrow from the ground up to achieve just that.

Smart Sparrow 2.0 incorporates teacher-feedback: the need for more control over their students’ learning, better access to data, and flexible tools that save time. As a result, Smart Sparrow 2.0 includes a newly designed authoring environment that makes the creation of adaptive lessons faster and more intuitive. Unlike a Learning Management System (LMS), which supports the use of static content in a one-way communication with students, Smart Sparrow allows teachers to create a new category of courseware that engages students in a more conversational approach to learning, much like a one-on-one private lesson.

Adaptive learning, clearly explained

Adaptive lessons developed using Smart Sparrow change based on students’ interactions with them, delivering a personalized learning experience to each individual. Each lesson is adaptive in two ways: students receive unique feedback as they learn, but also they receive a personalized learning pathway that alters each student’s path through the lesson.

The new user introduction explains the basic concepts of adaptive learning and how to get started with Smart Sparrow. The tour will help you get colleagues and teaching assistants up to speed quickly, so they understand how to adapt and teach with the lessons you’ve created.

Technology should empower great educators

From the perspective of Dror Ben-Naim, our CEO and founder, “If you don’t include teachers in the development of teaching technology, you’re missing the point. Teaching with engaging, simulative and personalized digital content should not come at the expense of teachers’ pedagogical control over that content. Nor should it occur without the collection and use of data that allows them understand exactly how their students are learning. We believe technology should be used to empower great educators, not sideline them.”

Online done right – watch video case studies

Check out the real world examples on our homepage, acted out, to demonstrate how academics are benefiting from our product. Watch them to get inspired!

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