Design. Create. Deliver.

Everything you need to make online learning more personal, more engaging, and more beautiful.

An intuitive authoring tool

Powerful authoring makes it easy to create impactful and stunning experiences.

Complete pedagogical ownership

Shape the way the courseware adapts to the needs of each learner.

Harness the power of real-time data

Detailed analytics dashboard and reports provide actionable insights, beyond grades.

Interactive learning components

Choose from hundreds of widgets, simulations, and games to engage your learners.

A digital experience from start to finish

Smart Sparrow’s platform allows you to easily create visually rich online courseware. Decide your lesson structure and the platform enables the rest. Drag and drop elements like images and videos, even import your own interactive components, pick a theme and screen template… You get the point.


  • WYSIWYG authoring tool
  • Rich text editing & high-fidelity media import
  • Custom CSS and lesson style
  • Quick toggle from author to preview
9 Tips for Creating Digital Learning Experiences

The right content at the right time

Each learner is unique - they learn at their own rate and have different levels of knowledge. With adaptive pathways, you can not only help optimize your learners’ strengths and mitigate their weaknesses, but also use their knowledge to power where they go next. In simpler words, just like each learner is unique, the learning journey you design can be as well!

  • Enable better support for at-risk learners and motivate high achievers 
  • Create customized pathways for your learners
What is Adaptive Learning?

"Art challenges technology. Technology inspires art." – John Lasseter, Pixar

Feedback that feels more personal

The ultimate online learning experience is one that emulates the talent of great instructors, by giving learners constructive feedback that is unique to them, exactly when they need it. Author adaptive feedback based on a range of behaviours, such as; a response, the time spent on a screen, or even the number of question attempts.

  • Provide feedback in the form of a hint, video, graph or additional material
  • Scaffold and combine feedback for deeper instruction
Using Feedback to Maximize Learner Understanding

Bring out the “active” in interactive

Learners perform better when given the opportunity to actively engage with the material they’re learning. Quickly import simulations and components, and design experiences that require learners to explore, think and practice while being guided – the epitome of ‘learning by doing’.


  • Extensive interactive component library
  • A lightweight Control API library
  • Ability to add customized plug-ins
What is Active Learning?

Powerful insights into how your learners learn

Learning is much more than a grade! Key data populates the dashboard so you can analyse all your learners’ performance, pinpoint problem areas of each learner and continuously refine your courseware to improve learner outcomes.


  • Real-time analytics
  • Deep interaction data
  • Lesson, class and custom reports
  • Gradebook sync
Adaptive eLearning platform research

If you can imagine it, we’ll make sure you can create it.

Leave it to us to equip you with some pretty powerful tools and handy materials to strengthen your knowledge of the tech –many, many resources to guide you in designing amazing lessons, an extensive knowledge centre, pedagogical library to align your designs to proven educational practices and more.

No matter if you’re new to tech or an advanced designer, we’ll be there with you every step of the way –right from ensuring a smooth onboarding to our platform to supporting you in your creative vision.

Features at a glance

Adaptive learning

Active learning

Real-time Analytics


LMS integration

Gradebook Sync

Lesson design templates

Resposive Design

Cloud-based HTML5 solution

Single Sign-On