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Teaching Science online — done right.

Learn how Mike uses Smart Sparrow to collaborate with his teaching assistant and developer to give his students a learning-by-doing experience, online.

Teaching Medicine online — done right.

Learn how Liz teaches her Medical students with Smart Sparrow Annotate to provide a richer, more interactive online learning experience.

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These RIA (Rich, Interactive and Adaptive) Lessons were created using Smart Sparrow's Platform
  • Learn Genetics

    Collect genetic information from a patient in a Virtual Lab and use it to establish the identity of his father.    


  • Save A Life

    Learn to test and operate a defibrillator with a Virtual Patient.    


  • Engineering Drawing

    Get introduced to Engineering Drawing: a graphical language that helps to communicate ideas and information.  


Blended learning, or fully online

With Smart Sparrow you can develop rich, interactive and adaptive courseware as part of a blended learning strategy, or create fully online adaptive courses.

Designed to Empower Teachers

Smart Sparrow lets educators exert Pedagogical Ownership over their adaptive courseware. This means:

  1. Being able to develop and deliver the content to learners
  2. Being able to reflect on the effectiveness of that content and
  3. Being able to further adapt content to the specific needs of their students

Learn more about the pedagogy behind the Adaptive eLearning Platform.

Real-time learning analytics

Use powerful and real-time analytics to understand student learning behaviour. Improve and adapt lessons based on common mistakes and misconceptions.