Teach to the student, not to the class.

Create your own adaptive courseware that targets individual student needs, increases engagement and improves student outcomes.

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Learning Design Platform

Engage each student

Our platform gives you full pedagogical control over your students' learning experiences. Intuitive authoring makes it easy to create visually rich courseware. Drag-and-drop interactive components enable active learning. Easy-to-author adaptivity caters to individual student needs.

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A rich, interactive, and adaptive simulation
Adaptive Courseware

Personalize their learning

Make your courseware adaptive to better support at-risk students, motivate high achievers and maximize each student's potential. The same benefits of a private lesson, but at unlimited scale across students, time, and location.

How Adaptivity works
Adaptive feedback tailored to a student
Learner Analytics

Continuously improve

Use powerful and real-time analytics to understand your students’ learning. You can zero in on common mistakes and misconceptions and continuously improve your instruction by adapting to your students' learning needs.

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The adaptive mechanics network

Discover how to incorporate adaptive courseware in your teaching

Teaching Science online.

Learn how Mike uses Smart Sparrow to collaborate with his teaching assistant and developer to give his students a learning-by-doing experience, online.

Teaching Medicine online.

Learn how Liz teaches her Medical students with Smart Sparrow Annotate to provide a richer, more interactive online learning experience.

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RIA (Rich, Interactive and Adaptive) courseware created using Smart Sparrow's platform

science demo

Learn Genetics

Collect genetic information from a patient in a Virtual Lab and use it to establish the identity of his father.

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medicine demo

Save a Life

Enter a virtual ED room where you'll learn to test and operate a defibrillator with a Virtual Patient.

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engineering demo

Engineering Drawing

Get introduced to Engineering Drawing: a graphical language that communicates ideas and information.

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