Learning, Designed.

Learner success, instructor agency, and learning designer creativity – on a first-of-its-kind learning design and development platform that works with any LMS.

Creating a beautiful lesson in aero

A platform for designers, instructors, and developers.

A list of students enrolled in a class within the aero workspace. Multiple instructors are assigned to the class.
A beautiful oceanography template's design options being modified in the aero course builder
A custom developed VR course plugin uploaded to aero's plugin ecosystem.

Teaching used to be a solo sport. Not anymore. Your learners now demand richer experiences that feel engaging and personal – and that takes a team. We built aero to help you delight learners by making it easy to create by yourself and collaborate with colleagues. We ensure you have tools to support your pedagogical agency (it's your teaching, after all) and powerful analytics to illuminate how your learners are progressing.

You're no longer designing instructional material – you're designing learning experiences. We get it. And we built aero to help you take your craft to the next level. Boost your productivity and creativity with a purpose-built learning design platform. Collaborate with stakeholders more efficiently and quickly iterate on your ideas with the new storyboarding tool. Use templates, themes, and components to bring your vision to life while delivering learner success, on time and on budget.

Working with learning designers and SMEs isn't trivial. Too often, to keep the project on schedule, you end up hard-coding pedagogical logic – such as the question text, the definition of correctness, and the responses to incorrect input – into your code, making it less reusable and harder to maintain. aero developers can use CAPI, a lightweight Control API library that exposes your components' internal properties for scripting by lesson designers. You'll end up with better, more reusable, and maintainable code. A better way to get work done.

Setting you free from the LMS.
Works with any LMS.

We've re-architected digital learning to separate administration and design. So keep your LMS for what it's good for — management and enrollment — and use aero, the world's most advanced digital learning platform, to give your learners what they deserve — the inspiration to succeed. aero liberates design from your LMS, while also working with it.

  • Single sign on
  • Gradebook integration
  • Instructor dashboards
  • Digital learner profiles
aero courseware working inside a range of popular LMS products including D2L, Blackboard, Canvas, and Schoology

Infinite subjects.
Infinite ways to inspire.

Motivating learners to put that extra bit of effort is hard (especially if every lesson looks the same). But aero's extensive library of screen, lesson, and course templates makes it easy to create experiences that stand out.

  • Beautifully designed themes
  • Screen, Lesson, and Course templates
  • Full content import and export
A wide range of beautifully designed coursware templates

A platform for courseware. Any courseware.

An item, a quiz, an adaptive test, an adaptive lesson, a formative assessment, a summative assessment, a virtual lab, a virtual patient, a virtual field trip, a textbook supplement, a textbook replacement, a unit, a module, an online course, an adaptive online course, a degree program, an online school...

If it's on a screen and you learn from it, it's courseware. aero is a courseware development platform. For creating any type of courseware.

A series of screens showing courseware from a smart degree all the way down to a course, unit, lesson, and screen

To adaptivity, and beyond.

  • Adapting instructional feedback
  • Dynamically changing the sequence of items, or lessons, or courses
  • Sending learners down a remedial pathway
  • Making just-in-time recommendations

It all just got a whole lot easier.

aero is designed by the team behind the world's first adaptive learning platform, and supports the widest range of adaptive learning and personalization features. Let’s talk about adaptive learning:

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An immersive, interactive learning experience with a 3D cell
A learner getting adaptive feedback from the intelligent tutor

Collaborative design, solved.

Crafting quality learning moments means careful collaboration between subject matter experts, learning designers, software developers, and user experience designers.

  • Real-time collaborative editing
  • Comment and review mode on learning designs
  • Live activity feed and version history

It's your entire course design and development flow, connected.

Collaborative editing in the aero lesson builder. Multiple screens are shown in a sotryboard view, connected by curved lines.
A comment thread discussing changes to be made to the lesson

Welcome to complete design freedom.

Push the boundaries of innovation and creativity, moving from concept to courseware in one seamless ecosystem. Quick prototyping, beautiful design templates, customizable interactives, simple content and visual editing, and overall faster development cycles puts the full power of courseware design and development in your hands.

The aero lesson builder, using reusable asset libraries
An asset library containing simulations, layouts, and images

Data-informed teaching.

aero does something no other learning platform does – captures everything your learners do. Analytics then take that massive data stream and make it useful and actionable in real time. It helps you easily identify who's struggling and with what content, who's unengaged, and who's succeeding. Zero in on common mistakes and misconceptions to continuously improve your instruction and adapt to your learners' needs.

  • Track learner progress as they work
  • Comprehensive digital learner profiles
  • Extensible item metadata and tagging
A list of enrolled students and deployments viewed from a mobile device
Student learning insights data showing that a student is at risk and needs help
The most powerful platform for creating digital learning and assessment products – backed by an assessment, learning, and navigation powerhouse.

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