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The Definitive Guide to Learning Design

An in-depth guide that opens the hood of Learning Design, in a time where there is much...

Guide to Choosing your next Online Learning Platform

Today, we’re teaching the first generation of learners that have grown up with informat...

The Next Wave in Digital Learning

This ebook explores how much online learning has changed over the years and how learner...


The New Face of Student Orientation

Ideas for making 'boring' orientation information more engaging & personalized


How to Improve Your Learning & Development Program

Tips to help you rethink the purpose & efficacy of your employee training program


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What is Adaptive Learning?

Definitions, research, history and benefits, and how to do it in Smart Sparrow

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What is Active Learning?

Definitions, research, history and benefits, and how to do it in Smart Sparrow

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What is Corporate Training and Development?

Definition, challenges, strategies and the future of corporate training are discussed i...


So You're Moving Online

9 tips to prepare you to create digital learning experiences


5 Principles for Your Learning Design Toolkit

Principles to follow when starting any online course development


The Learning Nerds Podcast

An edtech learncast for people who seek to push the boundaries of education


5 Questions to Answer Before Shifting Online

Things to think about before making learning design decisions

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Digital Learning Innovation Report 2017

The current state of learning innovation in Australian Higher Ed

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10 Dos & Don’ts of Ensuring Quality in Online Learning

Before you create online learning experiences, read this advice from global educators

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4 Key Strategies to Engage Employees in Training

How to use technology to improve engagement & manager insight

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RECAP: Learning Innovation Summit 2018

Educators came together in the Bay Area to change the way we teach science

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RECAP: Learning Innovation Summit 2017

Look back at what we learned at LIS17 in Melbourne, Australia

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Published Research on Active & Adaptive Learning

Peer-reviewed publications on active & adaptive learning experience efficacy


To Avoid a VR Hype Cycle, Learn from EdTech

What vendors & product designers can learn from hyped technology


Smart Sparrow Review: Learning Solutions Mag

"There are features I love that are easier to use in SPR than in most other tools."

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5 Ways to Improve Student Orientation Using EdTech

How to ensure orientation gives students all the information they need to succeed


The Case for Modernizing Corporate Learning

Career development & training can make or break employee job satisfaction


With Adaptive Tech, Students Are Saving Money & Learning More

How adaptive tools create more enriching learning environments & save students money


What Makes a Smart Course 'Smart'?

In moving courses online, educators all too often put innovation ahead of pedagogy


Reinvigorating Math to Mold Problem Solvers

Prof Steve Zuro shares how he uses Smart Sparrow to teach math

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Smart Sparrow on YouTube

Visit our YouTube account to see courseware demos, instructor testimonials, & more


Adding AI & ML to the Adaptive eLearning Platform

The 'Foundations of Science' project introduces machine learning & artificial intelligence


Online Learning Can Work if Universities Rethink the Design of Their Courses

Learning experiences should be redesigned to make use of what new technology affords


Digital Courseware Increases Student Success in Intro Science Courses

Research finds students more likely to succeed in innovative learning experience

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Pedagogical Practices Library

Curated by our Learning Design Studio to make more engaging learning experiences


The Future of Learning Design

This infographic depicts the important design elements to consider when creating qualit...

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What is Learning Design?

Recently the concept of “Learning Design” has gained momentum in the education space. B...

SPR Component Library

Discover new components you can use to create more interactive & engaging lessons


SPR Help Center

Read through our knowledge base to learn how to author custom learning content


The Benefits of Constructivist Learning Design

Are you letting students explore topics freely & construct their own understanding?


What Games Can Teach Us About Learning Design

Both must streamline flow & cognitive load to avoid overwhelming complexity


High Quality Digital Learning: Think Beyond Your LMS

This infographic explains the architectural shift needed to enable a blossoming ecosyst...

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Sims for Science Education

Create immersive & engaging science courses with research-backed PhET simulations


Reskilling in the Modern Age

Using dynamic online learning to prepare learners for the workforce