Our recently published ebook on The Next Wave in Digital Learning explores the past and current trends in online learning. It discusses the two waves that took the online industry by storm and changed ‘learning’ forever.

The “first wave” in digital learning was all about instructors posting their content online. It was about LMSs establishing themselves as the “operating system” layer in what later evolved to become a digital learning software ecosystem.

We’re now in the beginning of the second wave, with evolving consumer expectations and heated competition among providers leading to a surge in demand for better quality programs — which means richer, more engaging, and more personalized digital learning experiences (i.e. courseware) — which are simply impossible to create within the constraints of the LMSs.

“To realize the true potential of digital learning, we must first change the software architecture at the heart of the education ecosystem. “ – Dror Ben-Naim

We created an infographic in an attempt to explain the architectural shift needed to enable a blossoming ecosystem of courseware developers. It addresses the nature of the LMSs limitations in a scenario that (mostly) all of us are familiar with - the Microsoft monopoly era, emergence of the internet, & the disruption it brought along with it.

Download the pdf version of this infographic here.

If you haven’t read our ebook on The Next Wave in Digital Learning (yet), you can do so here

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