Higher Education deserves pedagogical freedom

Create personalized, active, and adaptive learning experiences that you control completely.

Create amazing learning experiences

Deploy through your LMS or our platform

Analyze your students' performance & intervene quickly

Collaborate with your colleagues & grow a community

Provide awesome learning experiences

Most digital learning experiences are not good enough — they’re visually boring and they replicate the broken lecture-test model. Why? Because the tools provided aren’t good enough.

The Smart Sparrow platform provides powerful authoring tools you need to create better learning experiences, for fully online, blended, or flipped classes.

Experience real lessons built by educators
Modern courseware examples

Engage every student

You can create personalized, active, and adaptive lessons that students love.

Start by designing or importing rich simulations, activities, and tasks that encourage your students to lean in. Then, use multiple adaptivity methods to give your students just-in-time feedback and tailored learning pathways that cater to their unique needs.

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Engage students in active & adaptive learning

Get real-time performance insights

Too often, online learning is a black box that doesn’t provide a real understanding of how students navigate and interact with your content.

Built-in Analytics & Reports provide powerful insight into what and how students are learning. Analyze an entire class’s performance, or pinpoint problem areas for a single student and intervene quickly.

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Engage students in active & adaptive learning

Empower instructor creativity and freedom

You are the Subject Matter Expert — so you should have complete power to modify your teaching materials, especially as your field evolves.

Editable templates and the Component Library make it easy to design and update visually-rich, interactive courseware. Granular user permissions enable you to share and collaborate on courseware creation with friends, colleagues, and vendors.

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Scale great teaching

The key to great online learning experiences is to emulate the talents of great educators: giving students feedback that addresses misconceptions and constantly steering them towards deeper understanding.

Create lessons in your unique voice, so you can replicate and scale your best one-on-one teaching. Then, as lessons are completed, use surfaced data to find opportunities for continuous improvement of your digital teaching practices.

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Adaptive learning

Active learning

Accessible (WCAG 2.0 AA)

LMS integration

Gradebook sync

Lesson templates

Mobile and tablet ready

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