We’re excited to announce the release of a key improvement in the Authoring Tool, a more intuitive and compelling way to think about authoring adaptive learning experiences.

The promise of Adaptive eLearning is that lessons can adapt to individual students – like having their own tutor looking over their shoulder.

Two questions follow immediately:

What adapts exactly? Your lesson features both Adaptive Feedback and Adaptive Lesson Pathways. What is the adaptivity based on? You can think of Adaptivity as being based on several factors: what the student is doing, what they’ve done in the past, what they already know, their learning style, and their misconceptions. We call these Adaptivity Factors. With Adaptivity Factors we’re greatly improving the way you can set up adaptivity into your lessons by grouping conditions that execute actions. Conditions can target any Adaptivity Factor, for example, whether the student made a mistake, took a long time, or has not mastered a concept.

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