The American Geophysical Union (AGU) is hosting its Annual Fall Meeting in San Francisco December 15 – 19. We’re proud to sponsor the 2014 Heads and Chairs Workshop! Come and visit us @ Booth #2738 where we will be exhibiting and sharing the work we’re doing alongside Arizona State University, President’s Professor Ariel Anbar and other leading scientists, educators and instructional designers to improve science education.

Booth Details

When? 15-19 December 2014

Where? Moscone Center – Booth #2738

Meet with us: Book a one-on-one meeting at the event to discuss how our technology can benefit your science teaching here.

AGU Floor Plan

What else is happening at the event?

Developed entirely on Smart Sparrow’s Adaptive eLearning Platform, Arizona State University’s (ASU) Habitable Worlds takes non-science majors through the hard science behind the search for life on other planets, using beautifully designed and scientifically accurate simulations. It has already been deployed to over 1,500 students!

Join ASU’s Poster Presentation and Talks, to learn more about the success of this state-of-the-art science course and how it’s improving science education.

Poster Presentation: Increasing Impact of Coursework Through Deep Analytics

Come explore how learning analytics and data mining is being used in ASU’s popular general education science course Habitable Worlds to extract patterns of student behavior.

Date: Wednesday, December 17, 201408:00 AM – 12:20 PM Location: Moscone South, Poster Hall

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Talk: Virtual Exploration of Earth’s Evolution

Come see how immersive virtual field trips (iVFT) are being used by students at ASU to learn through exploration. These game-like activities, grounded in active learning, are delivering personalized learning at scale.

Date: Wednesday, December 17, 201404:36 PM – 04:54 PM Location: Moscone South, 102

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Talk: iVFTs – immersive virtual field trips for interactive learning about Earth’s environment

Come learn how advanced software innovations, enable integration of data into seamless, dynamic, immersive, interactive, content-rich, and learner-driven virtual field explorations of the Earth and it environment.

Date: Friday, December 19, 201410:35 AM – 10:50 AM Location: Moscone South, 102

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Looking forward to seeing you @AGU!

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