Last year at the Learning Innovation Summit 2017, co-hosted by Deakin University and Smart Sparrow with support from UNSW Sydney, EduGrowth, and the BEST Network, 250+ educators from around Australia came together to discuss and share advances in digital learning innovation.

Educators in post-secondary, corporate, and government organizations joined a jam-packed day of presentations, panels, show & tell sessions, and hands-on workshops. Throughout the day, we heard from more than 40 different innovators who are actively, successfully pushing learning and teaching forward.

We were inspired by the work and research showing how Australian educators are positively impacting student success, so now we’re bringing the Learning Innovation Summit to the Bay Area!

Meet innovators at LIS 2018: Effective Digital Learning in the Sciences

Today’s students are underprepared for success in postsecondary STEM courses. Just 43% of ACT-tested 2014 high school graduates met the ACT College Readiness Benchmark in mathematics, and only 37% met the benchmark in science (ACT, 2014). A disproportionate number of these underprepared learners are low-income, minority, or first-generation students.

Just 37% of ACT-tested 2014 high school graduates met the ACT College Readiness Benchmark in science

The Learning Innovation Summit 2018 will focus on effective teaching and learning through technology in science courses, to increase the number of STEM graduates and support the 21st Century workforce.

This is a one-day event focused on innovative approaches to learning and assessment. We’re bringing together K12, post-secondary, industry, and government to discuss learning science, lessons learned in innovation practices, and how we can all continue pushing to change the way we teach to empower student success.

Digital learning experiences in science can engage students through active and adaptive learning to facilitate more ‘A-ha!’ moments, provide risk-free laboratory experience, open doors to otherwise impossible learning scenarios, and inspire a love of real science.

Join us to from panels of leaders and experts in the field, participate in collaborative workshops, and experience innovative learning solutions first-hand. Space at the event is limited, so if you’re interested, please sign up before seats are filled.

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Meet Dr. Bror Saxberg, Keynote Speaker

Join us to meet and hear from Dr. Saxberg, a pioneer in the field of learning science. He is the co-author of Breakthrough Leadership in the Digital Age, and holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT and a M.D. from Harvard Medical School. He is a leading innovator and researcher in education, science, and technology, currrently working at the Chan Zuckerberg Intitiative.

Dr. Saxberg has spoken at top events, including Microsoft’s CEO Summit, TEDx, the Stanford Digital Learning Forum, and the “Education Datapalooza” conference, hosted by the White House and U.S. Department of Education. As Vice President of Learning Science at CZI, Bror is responsible for thinking about how to expand and apply learning science results and good learning measurement practice in real-world learning situations across the full span of education — K12, higher education, and beyond.

We hope you’re looking forward to his keynote address as much as we are. Here’s a preview:

“Show me the Evidence: The Art of Applying Learning Science in Learning Innovation”

Decisions about old and new approaches to learning, from practices to products, seem like they would be naturally most effective when guided by research and evidence. How do we move toward more evidence-based decision-making? In his keynote, Dr. Saxberg will lay out an approach to organizational change in education and training for effective innovation, embodied by his new concept of Learning Engineering. He’ll end by discussing work Chan Zuckerberg Initiative looks forward to supporting to unblock this kind of decision-making.

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We hope you’ll join us for the second year of sharing and pushing learning innovation forward. See you at the event!

Save my seat for LIS18SV