Have you found yourself in one of these common scenarios, now trying to navigate unfamiliar territory?

  • Your university or college just updated their charter to include a focus on innovating student success through the incorporation of digital learning technology.
  • The dean of your school is asking all instructors to set aside time each week for professional development in using technology in the classroom.
  • You’re an educator who is really excited about using the latest technology to improve learner engagement, to provide personalized experiences, to increase access to education.

Whatever your situation, moving learning content to the digital medium is not as easy as shifting lecture content into a powerpoint — at least, not if you want to create high-impact lessons.

Our Learning Design Studio is sharing their top nine pieces of advice for teams or individuals thinking about shifting content online in a new ebook, So, You’re Moving Online: 9 Tips to Prepare You Before Creating Digital Learning Experiences. Sections included:

  1. Why digital is different
  2. Building instructor-student relationships in the digital medium
  3. How student learning changes when it moves online
  4. The benefits of making goals small to guide your process
  5. Finding your inner product designer — using Learner Personas
  6. Digital learning is not just about content, it’s also about delivery
  7. Embracing the power of data
  8. Anticipate your own learning curve and finding a team
  9. Staying motivated!

We hope you find it useful on your journey to innovate teaching and learning.

Download it for free here >