Episode two of the The Learning Nerds Podcast is online! This time, we take you to the Learning Innovation Summit 2018 hosted on June 15 at the NASA Ames Conference Center.

Heather Newlin, Senior Learning Architect at Smart Sparrow, interviewed eight attendees to bring you a few of those amazing conversations often had at conferences in between sessions. Together, they discuss projects in technology and learning over the last decade, inspirations for future projects, big issues in online teaching today, and their biggest takeaways from the summit.

Tune in to hear diverse stories from:

  1. Sian Proctor, GeoScience Instructor, South Mountain Community College (2:50–8:45)
  2. Vanessa Peters Hinton, Senior Learning Sciences Researcher, Digital Promise Global (9:17–11:40)
  3. Ari Bader-Natal, Chief Learning Scientist, Minerva (11:52–17:08)
  4. Nina Slote, Student, Stanford Graduate School of Education (17:23–19:42)
  5. Jill Hill, Teaching & Learning Specialist, Royal Oak Schools (19:54–26:51)
  6. Saad Khan, Director of AI & Machine Learning, ACT (27:03–30:45)
  7. Julie Moss, Instructional Designer, UC Berkeley School of Public Health (30:56–34:00)
  8. Karin Forssell, Director of the LDT MA Program, Stanford Graduate School of Education (34:14–39:27)

More resources mentioned during the episode:

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If you missed it, check out our introduction:

Look forward to our next episode, an interview with Peter McHenry, PhD, Associate Professor of Economics at William & Mary, on how he converted his Blackboard content to Smart Sparrow.

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