We follow an idea,

But, we trust the process.

Empathise Define Ideate Prototype User testing Refine Iterative process Deliver Reflect

We understand and believe in the importance of creating a space for creativity and exploration in order to produce extraordinary work. But sometimes too much space can mean things start to get out of control (and we do not want that). So, we let the design process uncover the potential of digital learning, and these are the 8 stages in our design process (learner-centred) that we swear by.



Think about your learner personas and how to personalize the courseware for each one of them. Every learner is unique, so should their learning experience.


As a team, set goals, learning objectives, and needs for the digital learning experience you’re creating.


Brainstorm new ways to bring content to life –question types, feedback formats, pathways, learning apps... Endless possibilities!!


Develop the first version of the learning experience with a continuous improvement mindset… Major milestone unlocked!

User testing

Collect feedback from professional testers, key stakeholders, colleagues, and learners. Remember the purpose here is to understand the effectiveness of the experience created.


This is the pesky ‘+’ in the number of stages involved with learning design. This means constantly polishing your work. In fact this stage can occur endlessly after any of the previous three steps. You need to know where to draw the line.


After you finish development and run a final quality assurance check, setup the course in your LMS (or not) and get ready to enroll learners. Also, take a moment to applaud your creation, you deserve it.


Look back to ensure goals were met and analyze ways to update and improve the learning experience for the next deployment. Continual improvement is the true secret ingredient, enabled by the cloud!