Learning is what drives us

And design is who we are.

We are nerds 🤓✌️

We eat, breath, sleep, dream learning design. We feel lucky to do the job that is also our passion and are constantly pushing ourselves, and our clients to reach learners differently and to be better. We want to shake up education and redefine the possibilities of online learning.

People from our team drawing some sick graffiti.
Presenting drawings at the learning design summit.
A group from the Sydney office wearing some stylish shades.
Painting at a creative office outing.

Our people, our pride

Our Studio comprises of people from various backgrounds, mindsets and specializations which helps us bring diversity and unbiased approach to our work.

Nerd strength
Nationalities 🇦🇺 🇺🇸 +
Learners impacted
A professor looking super happy about having pedagocial control.

Pedagogical ownership

Our one ultimate rule - giving the educator complete control over the learning experience. Under no circumstances do we want the courseware to be more us and less you. Long story short, you call the shots.

Collaboration and lots of togetherness

We know the ins and outs of learning design however, what we don’t entirely know is what the courseware will look like in the end –because every client is unique. That’s why we work very (very) closely with you to understand everything we can about your project requirements and deliver experiences that are custom to you and your learners. Super collaboration with a lot of listening, talking and meeting.

Your expertise
Our expertise
Amazing learning experiences.
Silhouettes of people working together and communicating.