We’re a studio… yes, fancy

Unapologetically committed to bringing education and technology together in a way that is truly authentic to you and your learners.

Hi there, you found us 👋

The Smart Sparrow Learning Design Studio is a design powerhouse, specialized in crafting unparalleled digital learning experiences. We’re the best at Guided Active Learning – aka adaptive experiences, simulations, gamified learning environments, micro-learning, and more. Our vision is a (seriously) smarter world!

Drawing a diagram about learning design.
The San Francisco office in action.
A series of screens showing courseware from a smart degree all the way down to a course, unit, lesson, and screen

Our Clients

We work with clients from all industries and walks of life - Higher Education to Corporate and all project sizes - a lesson, a module, a course, a degree program, an online school.

Our Nests

We have two creative dens aka Studios, in San Francisco and Sydney. We love a good chat with fellow learning enthusiasts, so come and visit us! Bonus - We make some pretty good coffee.

Headquarters — Sydney

  • Suite 2.1 / 25 Cooper Street Surry Hills Sydney, NSW 2010 Australia
  • +61 2 8096 8096
The storyboarder interface from the aero platform with a lesson being edited.

Our technology

The fact that our company has a pretty awesome platform to create digital learning experiences is an advantage for us and for you, because it allows for a seamless design process that influences the direction of the technology.